The Fallacy of Retailers-Gone-Wholesalers

Without thoughtful examination, you may not see any problem with purchasing wholesale from retailers. Yet, while you may not immediately recognize the cause, you can readily voice the symptoms: “They never have any inventory,” or “They take two to three weeks to deliver our order,” are two of the more common ones. Have you ever stopped to question the underlying cause of these symptoms?

It is no wonder that these “wholesalers” are constantly out of stock, are slow to fulfill orders, or have very strange pricing arrangements. Why would a retailer wholesale their best goods to you? We all know that this is a fashion industry and that these fashions can have a lifespan as short as thirty days. That two-week shipping delay on your order from one of these retailers-gone-wholesalers can have a material impact on your sales…and on their retail operation’s reputation for having the coolest products first.

When looking for a wholesaler, check to see the differences between their wholesale and retail sites. Are they offering goods on their retail site that are not available for wholesale (SONY batteries, for instance)? There are several retailer-wholesalers showing themselves as wholesale only. Frankly that’s worse, since they’re simply keeping their second face hidden.

Ask yourself this…Is this the kind of reliable, speedy supply that an up-and-coming vape shop can rely on? If not today, it won’t be long before competition is right down the block, and your reputation will be made or broken by the speed with which you acquire the latest hot products. Do you want your competitor-turned-supplier to control your future?