Five Reasons to Attend a Vape Convention

There are going to be plenty of national vape conventions happening around the country this year, and, as a retail shop owner, there are a plenty of reasons to rent a booth and familiarize yourself with the local, national, and international vaping community. Here are our top five:

Expand Your Customer Base

Most vape conventions have two parts: the B2B phase and the public phase. During the public phase, customers can directly compare you and your competitor. It’s critical to take advantage of this opportunity and set yourself apart from your competition with samples of your newest mods and atomizers, your best e-liquid, and your best customer service. If you decide not to attend your local convention, you are potentially forfeiting the business of some of the most dedicated vapers in your area.

Meet Your Current Suppliers … Or Meet New Ones

Suppliers provide retail shops with their life blood — inventory. Due to the importance of the supplier-retailer relationship, it’s highly advantageous to meet your suppliers face-to-face at least once. If you and your supplier “hit it off” when you meet in person, your supply chain will strengthen. If you meet your supplier and you aren’t impressed, don’t worry, conventions allow owners to meet plenty of suppliers in one place. You can simply walk over to a different booth and start a fresh relationship with a new wholesaler.

Meet Your Competition

Conventions give vape shop owners the chance to see how their competition markets to potential customers and business partners. This is a fantastic opportunity to take notes from your opponents’ successes and failures. It’s important to leave the confines of your shop and see what other businesses have to offer. But remember, “Imitation is suicide.”

Try the Latest Technology & E-Liquid

Vape conventions also host some of the top hardware and e-liquid manufacturers in the industry. These companies use conventions to promote the latest products and what’s trending in the market. Plus, you can often sample their products to see if they are worth carrying in store.

Hear from Leaders in the Vape Community

Most vape conventions have workshops and lectures by national vape advocacy groups like the American Vapers Association (AVA) and the Smoke-Free Alternative Trade Association (SFATA). These lectures are invaluable because they can provide you with the information and tools you need to become politically effective in your community.

Want to find a vape convention near you? Check our “Community Events” page for a convention in your area!